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Awareness Camps & Talent Promotion

Empowering women - Mushroom cultivation in the backyard

We had conducted a few awareness programs in Mushroom cultivation and Kitchen Garden for housewives both in urban and rural areas of Odisha. We organized trainers’ training initially through the experts from the field who trained our trainers and representatives in mushroom cultivation which can easily be done in the backyard and the roof top both for domestic consumption and for commercial purposes.

Our trainers had arranged such programs in different households in urban Bhubaneswar and Dhenkanal and also in some nearby villages.

The aim and objective of these programs were to popularize the concept of growing mushroom and vegetables in every household’s backyard and roof top and inspire commercialization of the same not only amongst the rural population but also amongst the urbanites.

The idea is to promote this as a source of earning

Distribution of seedlings and commonly grown plants

We distribute commonly grown plants like papaya, drumstick and banana to the housewives of different localities in Bhubaneswar and nearby areas and encouraged them to plant the same in their backyard which would partly meet their vegetable expenses on a day-to-day basis with higher savings and at the same time increase the nutritional value of their diet keeping aside the satisfaction they will derive from the whole process.

We organize workshops at their local community centers to educate the women including housewives about the importance of kitchen garden.Besides, we generate awareness amongst them to create SHGs and establish nurseries and sale centers for such seedlings and other such plants that grows the best in that area.

Talent Promotion

Nurturing and supporting budding talents in the field of painting, photography, handicrafts, music etc has been one of our key goals. We have been trying to achieve it through camps, competitions, prize money etc.

We have participated in Orion -16, an event by Sri Sri University, Naraj, Odisha , contributing towards the prize money in photography and painting competitions.

Promoting cottage industry - Patta Chitra and Fabric printing

We have organized workshops and training programs for enhancement of skills in Pattaa Chitra and Fabric printing amongst the women including housewives of semi-urban areas in the vicinity of Rasulgarh and nearby localities. The objective was to equip them with this specialized skill so that they can adopt this as a means of livelihood which in turn would broaden easy availability of local resources in handicraft cottage industry.

In addition to the above, we annually conduct a few programs on basic hygiene, sanitation and health care camps.

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