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Udyamdhara Objectives

The objectives of the initiative are followings:

  1. To enhance educational & health care standards in all levels.
  2. To protect the environment with green drives and to promote the use of green energy including solar, wind, bio-gas etc.
  3. To help create and improve rural infrastructure that’s self sustainable both economically and socially and that’s catalytic to all round development of the villages contributing to the overall socio economic growth of the country.
  4. To help set up and build rural enterprises in various fields including  agriculture and agro processing sector, developing and implementing home grown solutions with linkage to agricultural produce.
  5. To encourage and increase woman participation in agriculture and other SMEs  and for the running of such enterprises by conducting various skill development programmes.
  6. To improve the living standards of the villagers through better educational and healthcare facilities; providing access to information, policies, banking facilities through seminars, mobile camps and use of broadband, internet, ICT based solutions, technology kiosks, e-learning and tele-medicine as needed
  7. To achieve results and to accomplish the above stated objectives by building strong partnerships with Government, Private sector, NGOs, like-minded individuals, civil societies etc through team work and co-operation leveraging support from within and overseas.

We have been doing some of the programs year after year since 2010. We have been meeting our funds requirements from our own internal sources and through  our friends and family.

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